My name is Cody Martin, and I’m behind this idea that’s become something very real.  I’ve been an environmental and water resources engineer for the last 6 years.    My fascination with craft beer progressed as it does for most people.  I find it interesting to hear which beer pushed other craft beer lovers over the edge and made them discover what beer could and should be.  For me, it was La Fin Du Monde by @Unibroue at the @GingerManFW in 2007.  Well Unibroue is no longer even considered a craft brand since Sapporo bought them out, but that’s a different discussion.  My appreciation and curiosity for craft beer grew from there.

As a craft beer lover I became a homebrewer.  As homebrewer, I went from 5-gallon malt extract brewing to 10-gallon all-grain brewing over the span of only 3 batches, and one month.   Homebrewing was a unique combination of art and engineering.  Engineers don’t usually get to exercise much creativity, so the outlet really resonated with me.  Along with this blossoming obsession, I started following news sources like @beerpulse.  Initially I did this to learn about new breweries and beers I  seek out, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that not only was opening my own brewery possible, I was actually pretty well qualified to do it.

My wife, Anna, developed  a taste for beer that she’d never had before.  She had been sidelined by the American light adjunct lager, and hadn’t had taken the opportunity to drink real craft beer.  At first, she took my mention of opening a brewery as the daydreaming of an obsessed hobbyist.  However, when we actually got deep into the details, she saw that her nine years of sales and marketing experience in the consumer goods industry would fit well in a craft brewery.   Combined with my engineering and brewing skills we had the making of something that became more and more real each day.

We were living in Florida then, and it only took 3 years before we were severely missing our home in Texas.  In November of 2011, we had our plan figured out and I left my engineering career and began working full-time on a business plan to make the brewery a reality.  I’d been doing research toward what it would take to begin this adventure for two years at this point and was able to hit the ground running, and here we are now back in DFW and making very real and significant progress towards making this dream a reality.

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