I’ve been back in the area for two weeks now.  I’ve got no job except to get this brewery going and I’ve had two primary goals.

First, was to give mountain bike a tune-up and get back out on the awesome singletrack DFW has to offer.  If you’ve never been to South Florida (where we’ve been for the past 3 years) let me give you a quick geography summary: flat.  Seriously, the highest elevation in the area is a landfill.  If you want to ride hills in Florida you’ll be riding highway overpasses.   We’re staying with friends who live in Flower Mound while we find a more permanent home in Fort Worth, and they luckily live a stone’s throw from Northshore Trail along Lake Grapevine.  So my mountain biking craving has been filled thoroughly.

Second, and more seriously, I knew I’d need an ample supply of Martin House product to spread the message and get folks excited.  I started from the ground up designing a direct-fired, semi-automatic, all-grain HERMS system capable of 20 gallon batches.  It took about a week from the first piece of graph paper until it was running smoothly.  I’m pretty proud of myself from this one. You can see from the photo that the day leading up to our inaugural start-up was a long one: I fell asleep while standing, but I was happy.  I did every weld, wire, and fitting.  It runs like a dream. We’ll be sharing the final product by the New Year.

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