Martin House beer is more plentiful and tasty than its ever been.  I’ve been through several batches and we’ve got a really good thing going on.  The business plan is moving along smoothly.  I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge on investment, accounting, and law through long nights at the library (OK Google actually).  As I had expect from my research up to this point, creating a brewery that would gain enough interest from investors to be funded through the sale of equity is a very intricate process.  Luckily, I’ve got an impressive cadre of highly educated and experienced friends that love craft beer.  They’ve been ridiculously helpful and valuable toward the process.

Writing this business plan and deeply analyzing everything the brewery would require led me to the realization that my wife and I could not do this alone.  We really needed somebody with some business development experience and a love for craft beer that would work full-time with us to make this plan happen.  So Martin House has taken a new business partner, David Wedemeier.  I’ll let him tell you his story, but I will go ahead and say that he has put Martin House on path toward success, sooner rather than later.  Here’s David:

Basically, I’m a reformed canoe beer drinker who did my best to spoil Cody’s dreams of opening a brewery whenever possible. Exaggeration of course, but I was a skeptic. I could think of a million reasons it wouldn’t work and I wanted to save Cody the time and effort, and plus, more importantly, I didn’t really understand craft beer and why you’d want to risk it all to boil grain and wash giant tubs all day.

Anyway, as Cody mentioned, we lived together for about 3 months and over the course of those weeks, we must have had hundreds of discussions about the brewery. I think that he learned a bit, but I learned a ton. I learned that Cody was not going to be stopped- by sheer force of will if nothing else- and that the company that he was describing (and the adventure he was about to undertake) was really a chance of a lifetime.  I also learned that there is more to beer than I had ever imagined.

I wanted in on creating something that people enjoy, appreciate, and get passionate about. I wanted to work side-by-side with my friends. I wanted to immerse myself in the culture of craft- not just the beer, but the community. I’d only had about 3 months of initiation, but it was enough to really capture my imagination. This is why I signed up, and this is why I am proud and excited to be a part of this team.

Flash forward to present day- the team is in place (we also involved 9 of our closest friends in the business) and we’re cranking out business plans, spreadsheets, brand stuff, promotional ideas- you name it, we have a document for it. Some of the logistical stuff in getting the brewery up and running will prove to be complex- but all in all it’s been a great ride so far.

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