The Business Plan is Done.

Now we can move on to the fun stuff.

Here at Martin House Brewing Company we took a bit of time to celebrate our Business Plan completion this week.  Writing the plan was a big task, but luckily we had a talented group of folks that enthusiastically offered up their time and expertise to make it perfect.  Starting a successful brewery is an intricate process, and we investigated every detail during the business plan process.  We took our love of the craft beer lifestyle and our ideas about what a company and brand should be, and we created a document that will guide us toward getting great beer in to the hands of our fans.  We are very proud of this document, and we think our potential funding sources will feel the same way.  If you’re interested in taking a look, contact us.

This puts us firmly in to the second phase of our brewery formation – fundraising.  Six months or so after we have secured funds you’ll be able to buy Martin House in your favorite bar or beer store.

Although we think our business plan is pretty outstanding, we are even more proud of our beer.  Over the next couple months we’ll be ramping up production to get more product out in the market for sampling.  We’ll be spreading the good word about Martin House right here in the blog and out and about in the market place.  Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we start releasing descriptions of our beers and the label artwork done by our friends at 9 digit productions.



  1. What sort of fundraising are you going to be doing? Are you mostly looking for investors or will you be accepting donations? Have you considered anything like Kickstarter? Well, my husband and I look forward to sampling one of your brews some time and best of luck with the next stage!

  2. Donations sure do sound nice, but we aren’t planning on that being a significant part of our fundraising. We don’t think Kickstarter is the right path for us either right now. Thanks for being fan and we are going to try to get some samples out soon. This website will be the first place sampling opportunities are announced.

  3. Good Luck to you guys. I would like to help you guys out any way I can. Please let me know, put me on your mailer if you have one and keep me informed as to where you are or are going to be selling your beer to. Once I have tasted it as well I would love to help you guys out in getting started in whatever way I can.


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