It’s been a bit quiet here at the Martin House blog over the last couple weeks.  We do what we can to keep our virtual presence updated, but over the past few weeks, we’ve shifted our efforts from concentrating on the virtual realm to our real-life presence.  We feel like it’s been going pretty well too.

Over the past several weeks I’ve been hanging out (interning, apprenticing, whatever you want to call it) at Deep Ellum Brewing Company two to three days a week.  This is truly a win-win for both of us.  Deep Ellum gets a part-time keg washer that works for beer, and I’ve been able to get some serious face time with head brewer Drew Huerter.  He’s been a saint when it comes to answering my non-stop questions, and I’ve been a saint by not complaining about filling kegs or milling-in (I’m happy to do it).  Speaking seriously, I’ve been able to get my rubber boots dirty with just about every aspect of producing great beer on a commercial-scale. So, a big thank you goes out to Drew and the rest of the guys at Deep Ellum — you’ve been instrumental in helping Martin House get off the ground.  The relationship Martin House and Deep Ellum have formed is something not possible in many other industries.

The Martin House / Deep Ellum friendship recently came through during the Deep Ellum Brewing Company’s 2nd Annual Brew-B-Q.  Along with Deep Ellum, Martin House joined (512) Brewing Company of Austin and Denton brewery in planning Armadillo Ale Works.  It was humbling to be in such great company.  The event had a great turn out, and David and I enjoyed serving our beer for close to 4 hours non-stop.  We kept The Imperial Texan, Day Break, River House Saison, Pretzel Stout, and SeptemberFest flowing.  We received the biggest response to Day Break and Pretzel Stout but had plenty of positive feedback on the others as well.  We made new friends and solidified some old ones, and we even came across some new investment interest.  The event was a success for us in every way.

It is truly rewarding when people enjoy drinking our beer as much as we enjoy making it.

Check out Twitter, Facebook, and Untappd to see what people had to say about our beer.

Lastly, here are a few photos so those that were there can relive the event and those that weren’t can make a better effort to come next year.

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