On Saturday, Cody and I packed up the MBDU (Mobile Beer Dispensing Unit) and headed out to Fairmount Park to pour some Daybreak and River House Saison with our friends from BREWED and the Fairmount Neighborhood Association.

If you haven’t seen the MBDU, it’s a wonderful sight to behold. It’s basically a giant industrial sized trashcan with built in lines and taps capable of dispensing 20 gallons of iced draft beer. I was grateful to have such an efficient system for delivering cold beer, because we ended up serving a lot of hot and thirsty people.

We set up across the street from where the main action was happening. From there, we could still see that the mobile dog park was buzzing, people were enjoying some grilled hot dogs, and a lot of socializing was getting accomplished. For the most part, we were

usually on the taps pouring and evangelizing our beer. We got some great feedback, and we met a ton of cool people. When we finally ran out of beer towards the end, we got to relax and socialize a bit. All in all, it was a very cool and laid back event.

Roscoe, the official mascot/brewery dog of Martin House made his first official public appearance at the Fairmount Pooch Park social last Saturday. He asked us to issue the following press release on his behalf:

“Humans of the Fairmount Neighborhood Association and BREWED Coffee Pub: Your efforts at providing a fun-filled event for local dog-kind are appreciated. The consensus among the pup-ulation was that we enjoyed the pop-up park, the refreshing kiddie pools, and delicious treats. However, it was unanimous that next time the humans should focus more on sharing the hot dogs with the pups.”

The humans of Martin House would also like the echo those sentiments- thanks to the guys at BREWED and the Fairmount Neighborhood Association for a chance to get out and meet cool people.  We had a great time pouring beer for everyone and look forward to the next time.

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