Homebrewing is the genesis of American craft beer.  We’ve got our good friend Jimmy Carter to thank for the amazing beer culture in the U.S. today.  It was 1978 when President Carter passed a bill legalizing homebrewing, sparking the craft beer renaissance.   Personally, homebrewing pushed me so deep into beer culture that starting Martin House was the next logical step in my beer-loving career.

I’m not alone.  Sam Calagione of Dogfish, Steve Hindy of Brooklyn, and Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada are the giants whose shoulders I’m on. There are countless others both big and small in the brewing world.  Ask around the DFW brewing community, and you’ll find several more examples right here in our backyard.  Homebrewing is the AAA league of craft brewers.

I cut my homebrewing teeth during a short stint living in South Florida.   They didn’t have a great homebrew culture there.  So that’s why it was great to start hanging out with the guys at Cap and Hare when we finally made our way back to Fort Worth last November.    Martin House had the pleasure of serving beer at the July meeting.  We had four varieties flowing, and a crowd of about 80 hard-core beer loving homebrewers floated every keg we brought.

It was a big moment for me as a one-time homebrewer and now an aspiring professional brewer to endure the picky palate of the Cap and Hare.  I knew this was a crowd that would have plenty to tell me about my beer – and they did.  The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  It felt good to have their praise, because I owe so much of my own knowledge, talent, and determination to the homebrewing community.  I plan to pay it forward throughout my professional brewing career.  Moving forward, the brewery will require a strong team of employees, advocates and evangelists to thrive in our Fort Worth community.  I know I’ll be able to count on my fellow homebrewers for this support.

If you’re a beer lover and still haven’t tried your hand at brewing, I strongly recommend it.  It will bring a new level of appreciation and understanding for beer.  Furthermore, I would encourage anyone reading this to check out the local homebrew club for help getting started.

There’s so much happiness to be had brewing beer regardless of batch size.

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