As the launch date nears, we seem to be picking up the pace. We’re putting in longer days and checking off projects on the never-ending
to-do list at a high velocity- although sometimes it seems like for every thing we cross off, three pop up to take its place.

Work has changed. Tasks are no longer broad strokes like “rent a building” or “purchase brewhouse,’ but things like “wire and fine-tune the instrumentation” and “leak test the glycol loop.” We are nearing the end of the list, and we are all almost giddy with anticipation.

Since we leased the building, Cody and Adam have been working nearly non-stop with a single-minded focus on all things pertaining to bringing the brewhouse online. For the most part, I was split about 50/50 between sales and marketing and helping out around the brewery. Unlike Cody and Adam, my background is decidedly not technical, so I’m not really able to size up a complex plumbing challenge and come up with a solution. But now, in the final push, that doesn’t really matter- I’m able to help with the thousands of little things like cutting and delivering unistrut , screwing together endless piping assemblies, or even buying Subway so the guys can continue to work uninterrupted.

At any rate, if we keep up the pace and single-minded determination, it’s very realistic that we’ll be brewing next week. Although anytime I say something like this I feel like I am tempting fate to knock us back a couple of weeks. That might happen, but if it does, we’ll say a bunch of swear words and then soldier on- that’s kind of what we’ve been doing all along. I’ve definitely got the pre-launch jitters- both on the “what’s going to go wrong?” side of things and on the “holy moly, we might actually be making beer next week” side as well. Obviously one train of thought is more fun that the other.

Whatever happens, I’m really proud of the guys that I work with. It’s really amazing to see two people basically build something as complex as a fully automated 30-barrel brewhouse from the bottom up- not to mention all the junk we had to go through just to get the building ready. For all the complaining I do to them about the first brew date slipping, I know what we’ve accomplished this far is incredible.

So, in summary cheers fellow workers! I think for us, nothing will have ever tasted as good, or probably ever will than that first beer from the new system. We can’t wait to share it with everyone. Stay tuned for details- I can’t wait to make some announcements.

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