Finally after all the dreaming, scheming, fundraising, searching, investing, leasing, buying, building, plumbing, piping, wiring, planning, prepping, calling, and a billion other adverbs, we launched Martin House Brewing Company this week.

Our launch party at the Flying Saucer was surreal. The place was packed with people having a great time drinking Martin House beer. The support we had from our friends and family and the whole community was incredible. Personally, I spent much of the day wandering around in a daze with a goofy grin on my face only partially comprehending what was going on. It was indescribably rewarding to talk with so many people that had come out to try the beer and support their local brewery. Big time thank you to all the people that were able to make it out.

The rest of the week was just as rewarding. We finally rolled the truck out and started deliveries to many of the friends we had made in the long lead-up to delivering keg #1. We had a fun time trying to figure out the mechanics of wheeling 300 pounds of beer on a hand truck into the narrow confines of some tight walk-in coolers. My first experiences with draft line cleaning were… interesting. Luckily, we have awesome (and patient) customers that were very accommodating.

As I was making deliveries, Cody and Adam were brewing three more batches and the week seemed to simultaneously fly by and crawl by. It was all capped off with The Big Texas Beer Fest on April 6th where we spent 5 frenetic hours pouring beer and meeting hundreds of DFW beer fans. Sitting in my easy chair now recapping the week, it’s hard to believe that all this action was crammed into a few days.

From what I have seen the beer seems to be moving very well, and again a big thank you for supporting us. We have always believed that the beer is great, but there’s nothing like seeing people ordering it (and then ordering another).

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