First things first, a video that describes perfectly my knowledge of beer 2 months ago:

So I know that, working at a brewery, its practically impossible for me to convince you that it’s a stressful gig. Well, after making sure that we launched our Pretzel Stout on time, got our can launch set up and worked a few weeks without days off, we decided to have a day off. 2 Tuesdays ago we had our first Executive Frolf (frisbee golf) Retreat at Z-Boaz Disc Golf Course. Needless to say it was a great change of pace. Now I brought Cody and Adam there because it was my home course for frolf and I wanted to show them I was good at something besides cleaning. With an athleticism rivaled only by the likes of Apollo Creed, The Tune Squad and Shooter McGavin, I managed to prove my worth on the frolf scene. I finished 12 shots better than Cody whilst Adam finished with a modest score of “Not Applicable”. We had a blast. Also that week, David and I had our first Excecutive Racquetball Retreat at the Downtown YMCA. I don’t want to talk about the score, but David is just a little bit better than me. At least it gave him some good cardio.

I am adding a “shout out” section to my blog that will list everyone that made my life as an intern bearable.


  • The owners of The Bearded Lady for making every delivery fun (opening July 12th!)
  • 97.9 The Beat, for giving my deliveries a soundtrack
  • The creators of Frolf and Raquetball for giving me sports to be good at
  • Misha for giving me my lunch 50% off

Hope y’all had a safe and crafty 4th!

PS: I’ve recently been put in charge of setting up the food vendors and bands for tour events, so get in touch with me via the twittersphere if you have ideas


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