image_1 First things first:

Much like the Jeffersons, I am moving on up…I have been offered and have accepted a full-time position as Assistant Brewery Facilitator with Martin House! When I started in May I believed (and was convinced) that there was no room for more than 3 people in this company, and all I was going to do was have fun and learn as much as possible. The reason why I accepted the guys’ offer to stay on was because I’m still having fun and still learning. I love going to work every day and I never mind how late we have to stay. This is my dream job, and to get it coming out of college is beyond my comprehension.

A big shout out to my parents for keeping me on the payroll over the summer so that I could take this job, to Adam, Cody and David for taking me under their wing and trusting me, and to my girlfriend Katie for supporting my decisions and backing me up the whole time I’ve been here.

Now to brewery happenings. David took me along to Houston yesterday for a super-secret meeting, along the way introducing me to coffee (which I’m told by every adult is the only way to function in the AM). And yes, it was the manliest of drinks…the mocha Frappuccino. David and I had a hassle-free trip, and we rocked to the melodies of Lil’ Wyte, The Notorious B.I.G., and numerous members of Wu-tang Clan all the way. We’ll accept any rap battle challenge from any who dare oppose us.

image_2We have a big food truck competition coming up this weekend, also starring the band of misfits known as Fish Fry Bingo. Come enjoy the big Port-a-Cool that’s been keeping the tours nice and pleasant, bring a lawn chair and enjoy what’s left of summertime. If you want to hang out or have a band/food truck recommendation, email me at or tweet me at @TheInternMHBC.

See y’all Saturday!


imageP.S.-I’ve been attending the Mellow Mushroom in Fort Worth’s Trivia Tuesday for 6 years now, and we won 2nd place last night!

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