Apologies on how long it’s been since my last post, I’ve been spreading the good word of Texas Craft Beer to some family in California.  But now I’m back, and I officially begin my position at Martin House as Assistant Brewery Facilitator!  Ask me for a business card so I can feel cool.

Before I left we had our first Executive Retreat to Lake Grapevine.  The guys and I loaded a cooler full of craft beer from the Whip In in Flowermound and set up camp right next to a cove on the best spot on the lake.  We fished, cooked some Earl Campbell Hot Links, indulged in a good amount of craft beer and spent the whole night relaxing.  All in all it was an amazing trip and exactly what we needed.

I brought some Martin House cans with me to California, and they were very well received.image In fact, they didn’t last past our first family party we had, the wine glasses were quickly ditched in favor of the familiar blue and red cans we all know and love. And don’t worry, I didn’t travel all the way over there just to drink our own beer.image_4  I also made it a point to see some of Southern Cali’s best breweries and gather some intel.  First I stopped at Stone Brewing in Escondido, and I was blown away.  If it was only meant to be a restaurant then it would have been the nicest restaurant I had ever been to.  Except it was a restaurant with a GIGANTIC brewery wrapped around it.  The whole facility was amazing and the beer did not disappoint. I understand the hype behind Arrogant Bastard now, but I might be a Ruination man myself.  Next I went to Ballast Point, whose tour was a little more reminiimage_1scent of a MHBC event but with A LOT more beers on tap.  I’m now a big time Sculpin fan. Lastly we went to Green Flash Brewing, where I could not have been treated any better.  The staff there was very personable and friendly, plus once they figured out I worked at a brewery, they immediately knocked 20% off my entire tab.  AWESOME job guys! And, their Saison Tart was great too.image_3

I’ve missed a lot since I’ve been gone, and I’ve got a little bit of catching up to do, but I’m excited to get back to work with the guys.  I’ll see y’all Saturday!


P.S. Big shout out to my girlfriend’s parents for flying me out there and taking me to Disneyland so I could have this awesome picture taken of me.


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