In the words of Staind’s lead vocalist Aaron Lewis, “It’s been a while since I first saw you…”

Hey everyone! I apologize for how long its been since my last post, things at Martin House corporate offices are bumping. Publicly; we were at Untapped in Dallas, we launched Septemberfest, we hosted a 5k, we’ve been hosting crazy amounts of pint nights and umpteen other brodacious events. But there is other awesome stuff going on here. We’ve got 2 test batches fermenting that are going to shock and awe. Of course they are classic beer styles but with that typical Martin House twist of ground-breaking, earth-shattering innovation. Get pumped.

We’ve got some cool events coming up too. Oct. 5 is Biketoberfest with the Fort Worth Mountain Biking Association, that same day is the Untapped: Canned festival in Denton. Then on Oct. 12th we’ve got the Flying Saucer-Fort Worth Beerfeast, a beertacular event of beertastic proportions.

We were also lucky enough to be one of the Beerliner’s stops on their way to GABF (Great American Beer Festival) this year. Its impossible to convey how shweet this bus is but I think these pictures help a little. Look them up on the interweb to see some more cool stuff about them.


Oklahoma State’s Cowboys are 3-1 and TCU isn’t doing to shabby either. Every Saturday is a big one. And even bigger is the fact that you won’t have to sit in a smoky bar or a lonely living room any more to watch big games on Saturdays. That’s right, along side our tour’s incredible craft beer, attractive staff and world-class entertainment and food options we now have TVs to watch during tours! So don’t be afraid to miss the game on Saturday by coming to the tour, grab your buddies and head over here to watch the game and drink amazing beer. Cheer on your favorite local sport team to victory. Watch your preferred sport-ball of choice get thrown, kicked or swatted to acquire the most points and win the match. Never miss the game at Martin House.

image_3 image_2

Looking forward to a lot of great things happening soon and an awesome month full of Oktoberfest glory. See y’all Saturday!

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