IMG_1417Hello fellow beer Knurds and craft enthusiasts!  My name is Jason and I am the newest member of Martin House Brewing Company. I figured I would write and tell a little bit about myself. I know you’re all just dying to know.

I’m from a small town called Gorman, Texas. I wasn’t much of a beer drinker due to the fact that we lacked choices out there. The nearest beer store to Gorman was a town called Ranger. Sure it had Miller, Coors and Bud light, but I wasn’t into those beers at all. It wasn’t until one of my good friends from Fort Worth introduced me to craft beer that I realized it had FLAVOR!!!!!  Thanks for that Jeremy Trollinger!

Once I had tasted craft beer it became an obsession, a thirst for more beer and knowledge.  I soaked up as much craft beer knowledge as I could. I started brewing my own beer and going to local tours 100_0716around Fort Worth. My wife was very patient and understanding in my obsession. She actually found a love for craft beer as well.

We ended up moving to Fort Worth because of career changes and I started pouring beer for Martin House when they started their tours.  I’m pretty sure that Cody, photo-43Adam and David were getting tired of me because every week I would call them after work and ask if I could do anything to help. Every once in a while they would work late and I would go by and help can some beer. Months later a job opportunity came open at the brewery and they knew that I wanted to be apart of Martin House so they told me they were accepting applications.

Well… here I am. My title is “Field Ops and Cellarman.”  I am really enjoying getting to know my brew buds and large-scale brewing. Also, I enjoy meeting new people along the way.  If you happen to see me out and about doing deliveries stop me and say hi.  I’ll also be at the Gateway XPA Launch Party at The Bearded Lady this Friday at 6pm.


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