When Martin House was getting started up, we had many ideas about how we would launch our beer to the public. We are very happy that we ended up doing it at The Flying Saucer right down the street from the brewery. However, we had lots of ideas before that became the reality. One of those ideas was to have a Toadies concert here at the brewery. We felt like having the iconic Fort Worth rockers welcoming a new Fort Worth beer would be one of the most rocking and authentic ways to introduce our beers to the public. We made a few phone calls and quickly found that the Toadies were out of our price range.  Fast forward a few months to this past October and we were back in touch with our favorite local band working on a collaboration beer. Our good friend Tony connected us with the Toadies management and the beer brainstorming was in motion almost immediately.

I want to stress that this beer was a true collaboration. We met with band members 4 times to taste beer and talk about what they wanted. First, we  tasted all the beers we already had and talked about what they’d like to have in a beer with their name on it. Above all, we wanted it to be a beer that the band would want to drink themselves. Everybody loved the bold flavor of The Imperial Texan but wanted something lower in alcohol so it could be more sessionable. That’s where the idea for Rubberneck Red was born. It is essentially The Imperial Texan’s little brother. So we built a recipe and brewed a pilot batch. The band came back out to the brewery to taste it a few weeks later. If you were lucky enough to catch our beta beer release called Pleather at Brewed then you tasted it too! Based on the feedback from the band, we wanted to bump up the maltiness a bit and back off on the bittering hops. We did that with version 2 of the pilot batch. That one came out perfect and was scaled up into what we’re offering soon. The best part though is that its not only beer the band loves, but also a beer that we love and are very proud of here at Martin House. Oh, and we’re finally getting that Toadies concert we wanted.

During the last tasting the band did a little a video shoot with us. It was a blast to film with them. Here’s the video:

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