Wow… 500 tickets sold out in 3 minutes.

It’s amazing that so many people were so passionate about this music & beer combo that the tickets practically evaporated as soon as they were available. It makes us feel really good that there is this kind of excitement surrounding the event.

However, it saddens us that so many people were unable to get tickets. We’ve had a lot of posts, tweets, calls, and emails from people disappointed that they weren’t able to get tickets. An online ticket sale is an imperfect system, but it is the best one we’ve got. As we are brewers and not IT people, we can’t really comment on what might have happened online, but we can empathize. From personal experience, we know how it feels to try to get tickets to shows that have sold out in the time it takes to log on to the site. It sucks and we are sorry.

If you have been out to the brewery before, you know that it’s a pretty cozy (small) place. For that reason, the concert had to be small. Priority #1 was to be safe and enjoyable for the people attending. As much as we would have liked to offer thousands of tickets, logistically it just would have been wrong. Ergo, 500 tickets and selling out in minutes.  Hopefully, we can do another concert at the brewery in the future.

The good news is that later this spring, The Toadies will be playing several shows in Texas which can be found here.  Also, there are going to be a ton of Martin House events surrounding the launch of the beer at bars around Fort Worth and Dallas (and later on in the rest of Texas). We hope to see you there.

Again, sorry if you weren’t able to make it, we hope to see you out at the next one!


The Martin House Gang

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