We are really excited to debut our newest beer, Turtle Power, with the Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA).   Its so exciting to help out a good cause.  While collaborating with the great people at the TSA, we learned that turtles love blackberries as much as we do.  The MHBC team spent lots of time with the TSA team deciding which type of beer would be the perfect pair with the berries.  After much sampling, we found that an Altbier was a perfect backbone for a blackberry beer.  MHBC is truly proud of this beer.

Fort Worth-based Turtle Survival Alliance and Martin House Brewing Company are teaming up to bring awareness to the plight of turtles. How? Through the awesome power of beer.

Turtles are the most endangered group of vertebrates in the world with more than half of all species threatened with extinction. The TSA is a 501(c)3 non-profit based at the Fort Worth Zoo focused on saving freshwater turtles and tortoises around the world. Driven by a mission of zero turtle extinctions, the TSA coordinates conservation programs in sixteen countries globally, putting “boots on the ground” where they are most needed.

Martin House Brewing Company is a small brewery on the banks of the Trinity River near downtown Fort Worth. They’ve been making beer for about a year and a half and growing steadily. Their brand is about non-traditional beer recipes, adventure with friends, and keeping it local.

The idea for a turtle beer came from Heather Lowe, the Program Manager for the TSA: “My colleagues and I have been fans of Martin House beer since they started brewing and attended several of their tasting events. I noticed that they seemed to be open to partnering with the community so I got in touch with them to see what they thought about a turtle beer.”

The guys at Martin House loved the idea. “We love collaborating with people on cool, even sort of weird ideas. We also really appreciated the passion these guys had for what they do, so we figured ‘why not?’ – it’s a great cause,” says Cody Martin, the head brewer.

The beer is called “Turtle Power” and is a blackberry altbier. This philanthropic seasonal is characterized by a copper color, strong malt body and a generous dose of blackberry flavor. “Blackberries are a favorite food of turtles, so it seemed fitting to add them to the beer. Plus, we have been wanting to do a fruit-infused beer for a long time- this was the perfect opportunity” says Martin.

The TSA and Martin House will be launching the beer across DFW the first weekend in October. There will be glassware giveaways, meet and greets with live turtles, and plenty of Turtle Power beer.


Oct. 2nd, 7:00 PM @ Oak Street Draft House

Fort Worth:

Oct. 3rd, 5:00 PM @ The Flying Saucer


Oct. 4th 5:00 @ Luck Trinity Groves

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