My name is James and I’m about to do the impossible and only spend a short time talking about myself. You see, I’m very fascinating and have a plethora of talents. I was born in Arlington, grew up there for a while, then moved to Grapevine and went to high school in Colleyville. Since then I’ve lived in the HEB area so I am a metroplex kid through and through.

Unlike most people I did not grow up around beer or alcohol at all. I did not drink during my high school years, so I have no affinity to bad beer. Once I decided to drink I found myself enjoying Shiner Bock and Newcastle brown ale. I really didn’t expand much outside of that in regards to beer and spent time learning about mixed cocktails and liquor. It wasn’t until I tried Boulevard Tank 7 that I really found a beer to be interesting. Not just drinkable but actually drawing me in because of something really unique. Some might call it “crafty.” I began to do the rahr tours on Saturdays with my friend Alex. At the time no other brewery in DFW had opened except Franconia and I’m not driving to McKinney. So as I would travel to other states I realized there are a lot of other breweries in other states that did tours. And through these tours I began to learn about the process and science of beer. The nerd in me was awakened by all the science and complexities of these other craft beers.

Then about 2 years ago Alex’s dad approached him and I and asked if we wanted to learn to make our own beer. He helped us purchase a starting kit and after a few successes a fire arose in both Alex and I. We began to brew 3-4 brews a month. We were constantly seeking more information and trying to learn as much as possible. Then in late February of 2014 after a ski trip to Colorado with my wife and touring several breweries I told her I need to find myself a job at a brewery. So I sent an email to 3 local craft breweries asking about how to get hired and they all said the same thing…tours. I began working at Peticolas and after two weeks arranged to start working part-time at Martin House as well. I worked for a paper manufacturing company beforehand and had a schedule that allowed me at least 2 weekdays off a week and got to a point where every day that I had off I was at a brewery. But Martin House was different. The people there were so much more welcoming and inviting. Cody would contact me and ask for my help while I would have to contact the other breweries if I wanted to help them. I felt more appreciated and more belonging. So after a couple months I decided to devote my full attention to Martin House. I continued to help out hoping a full-time job would pop up around the end of this year. However in late August I received an unexpected offer to start as a cellarman helping with deliveries once a week. I gave my two weeks at the paper place and by sheer willpower and determination against all that was inside me I finished working there for those two weeks and began my illustrious career at Martin House. Truly the best decision I’ve made in a long time. Don’t tell my wife I said that.

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