This is event is not open to the general public. Only those who have registered their team will be allowed.

Martin House will host our 2nd annual homebrew competition – The Riverside Shootout – on April 19th from 7am to 5pm.   Here are the details:


Who: The competition is open to all amateur home brewers.  Nobody who is currently employed at a brewery or brewpub is eligible.  All brewers must brew a 5 – 10 gallon batch of all-grain beer.  No malt extracts are allowed.  All beers must be a minimum of 5% abv.  A Maximum of 40 teams can participate.  Each team entry will include 3 pint glasses and tasting for 3 people.  Please keep teams to 3 people or less.

What: We are inviting you to bring your homebrew setup here to Martin House and brew your best recipe with the hopes of winning $500 and a chance to do a pro-am big brew with us on our system.

When: The competition is on Sunday, April 19th, 2015.  There will be a staggered start time of 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11am.  This is to ensure adequate power and knockout water for everybody.  Everybody should be cleaned up and ready to leave by 5pm. Remember that your water will be preheated so it’ll knock significant time off your brew day.  After your brew is finished, Martin House beers can be sampled.

Where: This is happening in the back parking lot at the brewery, on the banks of the Trinity River with the best view in Fort Worth. You will be provided with pre-heated water, tap water hook-ups, and 110v electrical.  Please bring your own extension cord and hoses.

Why: To show off your brewing skills, to have a chance at $500, and to get bragging rights when your recipe is on tap all around DFW. 2nd place wins $200.  3rd place wins $100

How: The entry fee is $40 per team. This includes the necessary ingredients as described below, a limited edition pint glass (limit 3 per team), and beer sampling AFTER your brew is done.

The Nitty Gritty:

We are forming this competition in a way so that your recipe will be ready to scale up if you win.  For that reason, You will be provided as much pre-milled 2-row – we used Great Western Malting. You will provide your own specialty malts and can do whatever you want with those – no limits. If you want to use something besides standard 2-row as a base (wheat, munich, etc.) that’s fine too but you would need to provide yourself. Any standard 2-row needs to be provided by us. You can only use the hops we use and we will provide those. Here’s what we use: Columbus, Chinook, US Brewers Gold, Czech Saaz, French Strisselspalt, and US Northern Brewer.  We will send you home with any dry-hops you need – please bring a container to take them home.  You will be required to use our yeast and we will provide a large fresh pitch to everybody. Your choices are our standard house yeast which is comparable to WLP001 or Wyeast 1056. Or our house saison yeast which is a custom blend.  You can expect approx. 90% attenuation from that yeast. The best way to get the flavor profile is to taste our River House.  You will also be given as much preheated water as necessary. We use City of Fort Worth water which has been filtered with activated carbon and not treated in any other way. Tap water hose hookups, 110v power hookups, and a homebrew style mill will be available for use.  Please bring your water hose and extension cords. IMPORTANT: BECAUSE THERE ARE SO MANY TEAMS NEEDING POWER, WE DO NOT HAVE THE POWER AVAILABLE TO RUN SYSTEMS WITH ELECTRICAL HEATING ELEMENTS.  IF YOU PLAN TO BRING SUCH A SYSTEM PLEASE BE PREPARED TO BRING YOUR OWN GENERATOR.

The beer you brew here on April 19th will be taken home to ferment and bottle.  They are due back at the brewery by Monday, June 22nd at 5pm.  You can keg, and bottle from keg or bottle condition.  More details on how many samples and labeling requirements will be provided the day of the competition.  There are no style guidelines.  All judging will happen on a “Best of Show” basis.  The judging will be conducted “blind” by Martin House Brewing employees, friends, other local brewers, and other folks involved in the beer industry. Judging will be proctored by somebody who was not present at the competition.  All judging decisions are final.

Please don’t be afraid to get very creative with your recipes, herb, spice, fruit, vegetable, sugars, etc, etc, etc. are encouraged.  Style-bending recipes are encouraged.  Please show us some recipes that we haven’t though of before (hint: we’ve thought of black IPAs). Big 12% beers are encouraged & 5% session beers are encouraged and everything in-between.  We’re really looking for things we haven’t thought of here.  Good Luck and we are extremely excited to host you guys.

Signup Here.<- Only register once per brew team


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