Hey y’all! Shugg and Skip are hard at work getting as much Martin House as they can out into this great state. They’ve been all over DFW from Weatherford to Rockwall, Mansfield to Mckinney, Burleson to Denton and of course Funkytown and the Big D.

Well they aren’t satisfied knowing there are still people hankering for our beer that can’t get it. The solution is simple: Austin, Houston and San Antonio. Once a month our brave sales-crusaders are roughing it down I-35 and 45, weathering the worst traffic in the land with only a map and a truck loaded to the gills with the best we offer. They’re well prepared for this adventure, as Shugg is a decendent of both Lewis AND Clark (don’t bother looking that up) and in Skip’s past life he was both Magellan and Sacagawea (hence why he and Shugg are so close)

Our beer is already in a few places down south, check our map right hurr. If you’re cruising the Durty Souf and see a van leaving delectable beer in its wake with chopped and screwed hip-hop blaring, you’ve got Skip. See a bald, bearded beau hanging around ATX or the Alamo? Well that’s Shugg. Be sure to hang out and say hey, you may even get a beer or two out of us.


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