Sports reporter. Retail hack. Sandwich artist. Professional dog walker. Music business middle manager. Pro wrestling impresario.

I’ve been everywhere, man.

I’m Josh, and I’m the newest employee at Martin House.

Born in New York City; raised in Fort Worth; educated in Massachusetts; distracted by Austin TX and Burlington, Vermont along the way; and street smartened by living in NYC for most of my adult life before ultimately returning to Funkytown about five years ago, I came back to a town I never expected to ever see again when I left on the cusp of 20.

But I sure am glad I did.

I’ve crossed the deserts bare, man; I’ve breathed the mountain air, man; Of travel I’ve had my share, man.
I left NYC shortly after the economy bottomed out in late 2008. It was the perfect storm of a bad economy, a bad job market, and the decline of the long-standing business model of the music business.

People suddenly stopped by tangible goods (i.e. CDs), and began downloading music. The old codgers in the business wouldn’t listen to the young bucks, and the music business as it had been known for decades ceased to be, and suddenly, I was out of a job with the company I thought I’d one day retire with.

I moved back to Texas after a fruitless year of job search in NYC, in hopes of finding a gig in the better job market. I did find a job. And another job. And yet another job. I kicked around from job to job, never finding the satisfaction I had in the music biz.
And then, one day, my girlfriend informed me that my job misery was turning me into an asshole, and that I should think back about why I got into the music business, what I enjoyed about it, and seek employment in a field that I thought would make me as happy as music did.

Pro wrestling was fun, but it was back breaking. Roller derby is a blast, but my girlfriend is a much better skater than I will ever be, and besides, like 6 people in the world get paid to skate.


It was that simple. Beer. Four letters, one small word, one gigantic world.

My love of beer at that point was really starting to take off. I’d come a long way from that guy who hated beer in college and to this day still catches shit from old college friends for drinking Lime Mist wine coolers.

My discovery of the greatness of beer really began in 2006. I was boiling bratwurst, and do so properly, one must use beer. I have to admit, I didn’t know shinola about beer back then, but I did know that a quart of Yuengling Lager was on sale for a buck sixty nine at the bodega around the corner.

I brought it home, boiled up the brats, and sampled some. It wasn’t bad. In fact, it was reasonably tasty.

And that’s when it hit me – It wasn’t beer that I hated, it was shitty beer that I hated.

That watered down mass produced crap that IS PROUDLY A MACRO BEER, that is not BREWED TO BE FUSSED OVER, that is THE ONLY BEER BEECHWOOD AGED, beer that I forced down my throat because it was what I thought I was supposed to do.

I had spent my teenage year DRINKING BEER THAT WAS BREWED THE HARD WAY and BREWED FOR DRINKING, NOT DISSECTING – which apparently means, “don’t taste our beer, because it was brewed in a vat of poop. “

That one Yuengling opened up my world. It led me to hefes first, than porters and stouts. Eventually, IPAs. And then more exciting beers that I never imagined existed. Goses, Scotch Ales (my favorite style), barrel aged stuff, oyster stouts (another fave), grodziskies, sours (and another). Really, the list is virtually endless.

And that’s how I ended up here, at Martin House.

My love of beer, and my desire to work in an industry I had a passion for, and with a company I believe in. Yes, that sounds like ass kissing BS, but it’s true. There is a genuine passion for beer, and for good people, here, and it’s a wonderful thing.

I’m Josh. I work for Martin House, with some great people.

I know some place you haven’t been; I’ve been everywhere.

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