My name is Michael Welsh AKA Mike AKA Mustache Mike #2. I also answer to The King of Memes (although gifs are really resonating with me right now).

I joined MHBC officially official on January 6, 2015, but I have been loitering around the building for over a year now. My wife and I came to the first Thursday tour and the rest is history. We started working on Saturdays, which eventually led to me working on weekdays, helping out with cleaning and canning and whatever else needed to be done. I was offered the position of Packaging Specialist the day after Christmas, and 2015 was the start of an awesome experience working with this motley crew.

A little about me: I’m from Fort Worth, with a few detours here and there, including a little world travel related to my service in the United States Marine Corps. I’m married to the coolest person I know, Sarah AKA Hutch, and we share a home with our two cats, Augustus Von Gutenburg III (Goose, if you’re nasty) and Miss Bootsey. Hutch and I spend most of our time drinking beer, watching movies, and traveling near and far for kickass live music and festivals.

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