Guest Blogger and MHBC Superfan, Andrea Hay, shows us what to do with them.

Like many Martin House Brewing Company enthusiasts, my husband Matt and I have accumulated quite the assortment of the can-shaped glasses that we have collected at the brewery tours. With tours happening on both Thursdays and Saturdays, our collection really started to get out of control. We have already replaced all of our standard glassware with Martin House glasses, so what now? Here are a few simple ideas to help you get your extra glasses out of the cupboard and out on display.


What you need: potting soil, small stones or gravel, a small plant (succulents and herbs work best)

You can pretty much see the pictures and know what to do here. The key is to make sure you have about an inch of small stones or gravel to keep water from collecting at the bottom of the glass and growing mold.


What you need: tea light candles, colored craft sand

This turned out to be my favorite of all the things I tried in Martin House glasses. It’s super simple and inexpensive, but still looks great. You can buy the colored sand at a craft store, and it’s as simple as layering the colors of sand as you like. The only trick is to put the candle in when the sand is roughly halfway filling the glass, then fill the area between the candle and the glass so that the candle is secure.

Themed colors here, Denver Broncos colors for me and Batman colors for Matt! For the effect you see on the Batman candle, once the glass is full of sand, just press a skewer down the inside of the glass at the distance you like.


Wimage014hat you need: 1 pound of wax per glass, wicks, super glue, a double boiler, wax dye and scent if desired

Of all the ideas in this blog, this was the most difficult and took a couple of tries to perfect. It is also the most expensive on this list due to the large size of the glass and the amount of wax needed to fill each one. Regardless, candle making turned out to be quite fun, so if you feel like trying something new and slightly challenging, this one is for you.

To spare you all from a long and boring read, refer to YouTube and watch a video or two of people making their own candles in jars. It only took two videos for me to get the concept down and make my first candles.


image015What you need: glass marbles, artificial plant

Another extremely simple idea that is self-explanatory by looking at the picture. I think it turned out pretty cute though, and obviously you can pick whatever artificial plant or flower you like to fill it.

I’d love to see your creations and ideas for glasses as well! You can use the comments section to post pictures of your Martin House artwork. And if you see me or Matt at one of the tours, come say hi!


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