My name is Eric Olveda, but I also go by E. I joined the MHBC crew on July 8, 2015. I have been in the beverage industry for 9 years now, but it wasn’t until I joined MHBC that I actually enjoyed going to work.

Like most, I was into watered down beer and never bothered with the good stuff. It wasn’t until my dad, Roger Rodriguez, had taken me to a tour of the brewery, that I really started noticing craft beer.

A little about me: I began in San Antonio but ended up living in Fort Worth for most of my life. It’s where I met and married my awesome wife, Rachel, and we had our daughter, Sophia. I’m all about family and good friends.

I enjoy going camping, exploring, barbequing, and hunting at our family’s ranch. I’m also an avid sports fan and enjoy a basketball and a football game when I can. It’s all about Texas, baby!

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