ChPena, Chizy P, Peeners, or plain ol’ Chelsea

ChPena, Chizy P, Peeners, or plain ol’ Chelsea

What up, Fort Worth?! I’m Chelsea, or Peeners, or ChPena, or Chizy P, or the Brewery Mom to some. I am the newest, and FIRST, female hire, and I serve as the Event Coordinator at this great establishment. I am a tomboy at heart and grew up with 2 older brothers who never took it easy on me in little ol’ Red Oak, TX. I am a HUGE animal lover. My friends joke and say that I have “animal radar” and will find and pet any animal in a 1 mile radius. I played every sport you can think of growing up and finally realized that my true love was volleyball. I made my way through college playing volleyball and trying to not get caught partying on the weekends by my coaches. Martin House took this to mean that I could hang with the bros and keep them in line, I guess.

I started volunteering in April of 2014 at Martin House and fell in love with the amazing group of people working here. It was truly like being welcomed into a new beer-loving family! I came here knowing very little bit about craft beer, except that I liked it. I learned to choke down Bud Light back in the day since my brother was a sales rep and I was a poor college kid who would drink anything thrown her way. One day, after years of growing up in a small town drinking “beer” at field parties and backroading, my dad wanted to share a beer and “talk”. He handed me a Shiner and that was my gateway into craft beer. Every time I would go to the store from then on, I would buy a six pack of whatever had the prettiest bottle cap or coolest packaging……the way most ignorant girls buy things, but I started to learn what styles I enjoyed. I realized that bocks, brown ales, stouts, and porters had so much more going on than just “beer” and I was hooked.

I stumbled upon Martin House by complete accident. I had a friend that heard from a friend that heard from a co-worker about volunteering and how much she loved it.  I automatically reached out to see if they needed help (having never setting foot in the brewery, mind you). Day one was so much friggin’ fun and such a blur. Everyone was so friendly and helpful! I tried my first Martin House beer, Pretzel Stout, and I was addicted. I just remember time flying by and I never stopped smiling. After that I knew I wanted to be a part of this great crew. I voiced my desire and just had to be patient for a spot to open up. Then, in October 2014, they offered me a part-time position managing tours and helping with private events and I jumped at the chance. I worked my full-time “big girl” job while working part-time at Martin House for 9 long months. I guess that the guys liked what they saw, because in July 2015, they offered me my current position as the Event Coordinator. I quit my old job without looking back and could not be happier with my decision. I mean, I get to hang out with my boys during the day, plan parties, and “shop” with other peoples’ money when picking out merch, what’s not to love?

Come see me at a tour, call me to plan a private event, let me know if you have something you would like to see at the merch stand, or just come say hi and have a beer with me.


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