Can you believe you have seen our smiling faces at almost every tour for the last 18 months? Might as well get a little closer to us, we aren’t going anywhere…we’ve already probably shared a beer or two with you.
We are Jak and Karla veteran volunteers here at Martin House Brewing Company , our happiest place on earth.  We have been happily married for over 18 years and have two dogs & one cat as our fur babies.
Jak started really getting into craft beer a few years ago and spent many nights trying to convince me that the beers my daddy drank are not the beers crafted today. Finally I had a sip or two and off I went drinking any stout ,bock, porter or other dark beer I could find . Now, we base our vacations off of what breweries are going to be near where we want to go. Isn’t love grand?!!!
The love and care that MHBC put into every batch of their delicious nectar is one of the reasons we continue to come back and sing their praises every chance we get. We love this place and we want you to love it to. We try to make every tour the best tour ever,  one you will  tell your friends about. So come on down don’t be shy let us pour you a beer but watch out Jak is a hugger, especially when he is wearing his PINK HAT!
If you would like to join our volunteer crew, email: 


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