My name is Jeffery “Popeye” Sailer, an avid cyclist from Carrolton. How did I find the Mecca of craft beer? I was involved in a group of cyclists that starting riding bikes to the new craft breweries popping up in DFW. Mainly in Dallas, then one Saturday we did a double barrel tour in Fort Worth. We started with lunch at Angelo’s BBQ, then rode to Rahr and then to Martin House. When I first walked into MHBC I knew I was home. You see I grew up in southwest Fort Worth and standing at that back door with a glass of Imperial Texan and that skyline that is all I needed to be hooked on MHBC. I also have confession to make I am a Volunteer Addict. I volunteer for everything from Boy Scouts, Concessions for HS band to all of the Beer Festivals. So what did it take for me to start volunteering at MHBC? Not that difficult, just went up front and asked Asa, who ran the tours at that time, if I could volunteer. I told him I loved craft beer and was a professional volunteer. That is all it took, been coming back ever since. After having attended most of the Brewery tours I can tell you MHBC is still the best tour around. I am not a young pup like most in craft beer, but MHBC makes me feel young again, so to Chelsea and the great crew at MHBC thank you for taking me in. So next time you are in Funky town come on by and tell me how great my beard looks.

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