I’d rather be lucky than good; That’s all I can think when I consider my job at Martin House brewing company.  Back in the late summer of 2015 I was living in Oklahoma City.  The Oil and Natural Gas Market had just dropped out and jobs were scarce.  My brother, who had come to DFW to start a business after he graduated college, was visiting in OKC and the idea just sort of came up why not come check out the bustling industry of Fort Worth.

So, I packed the very next day and headed south.  Again, credit my good fortune but where would I land but three quarters of a mile away from a craft brewery.  The craft brewery that quickly became my favorite in region.  I couldn’t help myself but to get involved.  They thought I was doing them a favor by hanging out at the weekly tours, but the truth is I would have been here anyway.  That enthusiasm must have gotten noticed because a job opened up driving the delivery truck and my name was already on their list.  I remember well those hard days of waking up early to lug around thousands of pounds of product, yet I also remember having a lot of fun meeting all of our customers.  It got to be kind of a super power of mine, I could tell you the closest place to buy beer anywhere in the metroplex (my mom wasn’t impressed).

I was fortunate again to get to move from driving to staging and routing as other employees moved on to bigger responsibilities.  And again, it was hard.  I went from moving some of the beer around and worrying about a few of the customers we visited each day, to moving all of the beer around in the cold room and looking ahead to all of the customers we would visit the next day.  However, it was a special duty, and at night when I was the only one in the brewery I felt a real connection with what we were doing.

Now after two years of hard work I’m proud to be putting more of my degree to good use as the Quality Manager.  If I’ve learned anything so far it’s that there will be difficulties in running my own laboratory, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Come have a drink with me at the tour sometime, and we’ll jam to some good tunes.  GO POKES!!!

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