Let's Go For a Run



Martin House Beer Run

At Martin House, we’ve always been a big fan of the outdoors. You’ll notice most of our beers pair with an outdoor activity and you’ll likely see many pics of us drinking beers around the beautiful Fort Worth landscape.

To continue our love of the outdoors and to help us stay in shape, we started the Martin House Beer Run.

This is a group of runners of all skill levels and walks of life that meets up a couple times a week to run, socialize, and drink some beer.

Saturday – Martin House Brewing Co – 1:00pm

The group is lead by our cellarman and head coach Mike Coutu. The runs are always free and happen every week at the times scheduled above. Feel free to show up a little early to get a stretch in.

To find out a little more about the group you can join the Facebook group or email mikec@martinhousebrewing.com with any questions.