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I Love Going To Work Every Day

I Love Going To Work Every Day

First things first: Much like the Jeffersons, I am moving on up…I have been offered and have accepted a full-time position as Assistant Brewery Facilitator with Martin House! When I started in May I believed (and was convinced) that there...

What a Week.

What a Week.

Finally after all the dreaming, scheming, fundraising, searching, investing, leasing, buying, building, plumbing, piping, wiring, planning, prepping, calling, and a billion other adverbs, we launched Martin House Brewing Company this week. Our launch party at the...

Pre-Launch Jitters

Pre-Launch Jitters

As the launch date nears, we seem to be picking up the pace. We’re putting in longer days and checking off projects on the never-ending to-do list at a high velocity- although sometimes it seems like for every thing we cross off, three pop up to take its place. Work...

The Kegs are Named

We’re getting close to launch. All the major purchases have been made and the tanks are all in place. Physically, it’s just a matter of getting them hooked up and making a few test runs. However, on paper we still are at the mercy of licensing- we need our federal...

Filling An Empty Warehouse

Now that we have a warehouse to call our own, we are doing a good job a filling it up with stuff. The idea is if we get enough stuff, one day it will magically transform into a brewery. Of course, there are some minor details to take care of so that the stuff will...

A Home For Martin House

I suppose that every life is marked with important milestones: first birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, obtaining driver’s licenses, ordering your first beer at a bar, etc. Well, Martin House certainly hit one late last week when we finally signed the lease on a beautiful...

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