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In Dante’s Inferno, the Acheron river forms the border of Hell.  At MHBC, Acheron is our deeply dark and ravishing imperial stout.  Aged six months in whiskey barrels and unblended for maximum barrel flavor, this 12% abv stout will satiate your sinuous desires for something bold, burly, boozy, and barbarous.   Acheron is brewed with black malts, black barley, chocolate malts, Crystal malts and oats.  Its finished with brown sugar and Columbus hops to balance its leviathan body.  Drinking this beer will help Charon determine your fate.

Adventure Pairing:

Pray let us go,” I said, “without an escort,

If thou knowest how, since for myself I ask none.

If thou art as observant as thy wont is,

Dost thou not see that they do gnash their teeth,

And with their brows are threatening woe to us?”

And he to me: “I will not have thee fear;

Let them gnash on, according to their fancy,

Because they do it for those boiling wretches.”

-Inferno, Canto XXI


2pack 12oz cans in Box

Here’s What People are Saying.

This is legit. Another great pour from Martin House

Bruce Poteet

Smells like pure ecstasy and the mouth feel is perfect. I love this beer.

Casey Casteel

Most delicious beer I’ve ever had. 10/10

Matthew Hill

Beast stout. Super dank. Dripping from a dead dogs eye. Rich and thick like a dessert. Gnarly and good. Impressive.

Richard Hollon

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