Blackbird - 9.2%

Imperial Blackberry Sour Ale

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So what is Blackbird? It’s a 9.2% Imperial Sour. If you enjoy True Love, Reverie, Nectar, etc, you will definitely appreciate this beer. It’s very tart, so sour fans will dig that. As you can see by the color, there is A LOT of blackberry in this brew. Over 10lbs per barrel. The flavor is prominent and most notably, Blackbird might be the prettiest beer we’ve ever released. Blackberry first released Feb 2019.


February 2019
Draft and 4-pack 12oz cans

Here’s What People are Saying.


Blackberry fruity sour and delicious. Funky fans will love.

Stephen O.

A 9.2% sour that tastes like straight up blackberry juice. Martin House doing really good things. Fantastic.

RJ Baker

Like stealing some blackberries from Farmer Gyles and hiding in his slag heap.

Thuram T.

Very solid. Sour, fruity, biting but smooth. Delicious.

Dar B

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