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Cellarman's Reserve

Single Hop IPA

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A classic American-style IPA is good any time of the year, and thats why we are happy to bring you our Cellarman’s Reserve Single Hop IPA Series with year-round availability. In order to highlight the hops, the base of the beer is a simple recipe comprised only of 2-row and Munich malts. A 7% abv gives us just the right amount of balance for 65 IBUs of hoppy goodness coming from using only one single hop varietal for bittering, flavor, and dry-hopping additions. Next comes the Martin House twist. While its availability is year-round, the hops we use will not be. From time to time, whenever our Cellarmen feel like it, we’ll switch out that single hop. While the beer overall will remain the same, the drinker will get to experience the nuances of each hop varietal.

Adventure Pairing:

For our head-brewer, Cody Martin, homebrewing pushed him so deep into beer culture that starting Martin House was the next logical step in his beer-loving career. He’s not alone. There are countless other head-brewers both big and small in the brewing world that started with a bucket in their garage. Ask around the DFW brewing community, and you’ll find several more examples right here in our backyard. Homebrewing is the AAA league of craft brewers. If you’re a beer lover and still haven’t tried your hand at brewing, our cellar men strongly recommend it. It will bring a new level of appreciation and understanding for beer. Furthermore, we would encourage anyone reading this to check out a local homebrew club for help getting started. Look below for a homebrew version of the Cellarmen’s Reserve IPA.




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6-Pack 12oz Cans


Here’s What Hop is in Cellarman’s Reserve

Each date corresponds to the first date that version was packaged.  Check the bottom of your can for the canned on date and the hop variety.  Cheers!

Here’s What People are Saying.

Martin House has succeeded in making one of the best single-hop styles I’ve ever tasted with a great balance and depth of flavor.

Paul Hightower

…don’t hesitate to order a pint next time you’re at the bar. It’s still a North Texas beer that’s absolutely worth drinking, as well as an idea that’s well worth getting behind.

Colin Alsheimer

This beer right here is going to change the ipa game.


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Homebrew Recipe

  • 88% 2-row malted barley
  • 12% Light Munich Malt
  • Pick your favorite hop
  • 65 IBUs @ 60 minutes
  • 0.2 oz/gallon @ 5 minutes
  • 0.2 oz/gallon dry hop
  1. Mash grains at 1.25 qt/lb at 151 degrees for 1 hour
  2. Sparge with 175 degree water and collect into boil kettle
  3. Boil for 1 hour
  4. Chill to 68 degrees and ferment with your favorite American Ale yeast.
  • OG = 1.066
  • FG = 1.013
  • ABV = 7%