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About the Riverside Shootout Series

Every April we host our Annual home brewers competition called The Riverside Shootout and every November we release the winner’s recipe for all to taste.  We encourage Riverside Shootout entrants to exercise their creativity and show us something we hadn’t thought of before.  Instead of judging the beer based on style like most beer competitions, we judge every entrant as a best-of-show.  We summon the help of our fellow brewers, employees, friends, and family and choose the beer we like the best.  Each year, that beer becomes the Riverside Shootout beer.  It’ll be around for only one month and may never return.  Get it while you can.


Version 3 - 2016

Tart Cherry Wheat Wine


 Our 3rd Riverside Shootout Homebrew Competition produced several outstanding brews, but this Tart Cherry Wheat Wine stood above the rest and bagged the first prize. Sean Vreeland and his homebrew team “The Ancient Goat Hunters” created a big boozy beer with a little cherry on the backend. Cheer Wine is sweet and sure enough it’ll warm you up on a cool November day.


Adventure Pairing:

Just in time for the Holidays, this beer will have you spreading holiday cheer to everybody in your immediate vicinity whether or not they want it.



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