Cherry Limeade

Sour Ale with Cherry Puree and Lime Juice

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We’ve added another great addition to our sour microseasonals – Cherry Limeade. This beer clocks in at 4.2%abv and 4 ibus. It’s brewed with cherry puree and lime juice. The cherries give it that beautiful pink hue and slight sweetness while the limes add some citrus and tartness on the backend. It’s the perfect summertime brew. Fans of True Love, Reverie, and our other sour beers will approve!

Adventure Pairing:

We were perhaps a little ambitious when picking this adventure pairing, as it’s been quite roasty and toasty in Fort Worth lately. However it still remains, Cherry Limeade is the perfect picnic brew. Just be sure to bring lots of ice.



July 2018
Draft and 6-pack 12oz cans

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