Christmas in July

Christmas in July

Whiskey Barrel Aged Sugar & Spice

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Last December we brewed a little extra Sugar & Spice.  We put it in some Colorado whiskey barrels and let it hang out.  Whatever happened in those barrels for 7 months created this wonderful beer we call Christmas in July.  Its about 14% abv and the barrels added a pronounced whiskey flavor while also complimenting the original vanilla additions.  The remaining spices we added back in December have had time to mellow and become a bit more subtle.  This beer is 100% barrel-aged.  This beer is super limited and on draft only.  Enjoy.

Here’s What People are Saying.

Nice barleywine with fruity barrel aged flavors. Hides the alcohol well.


Possibly one of the best Barleywines I the planet in my book!


Whoa. Packs a punch. Boozy and slightly sweet.

Nardirshah V.

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