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It wouldn’t be the holidays without some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. This year, we decided to treat ourselves at the brewery with the creation of Cookies – a cookie dough stout. Cookies clocks in at 6%abv and has notes of rich caramel and sweet chocolate chips.

You’ll find Cookies in a mixed 4pack with the rich, cream ale – Cream.  That’s right. Each 4pack contains two 12oz cans of Cookies and two 12oz cans of Cream. While each beer is delicious by itself, you can mix them both together for a truly unique flavor combination. Click here to find out more about Cream.

Adventure Pairing:

Cookies pairs well with just about everything. Baking in Grandma’s kitchen. Decorating the ol’ Christmas tree. Watching Christmas Vacation for the first time this year. But most importantly, Cookies AND Cream pairs well with friends and family this holiday season.


December 2017
4-pack mix with Cream

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