Counter Clockwise Swirl

Counter Clockwise Swirl

A Strong Blonde With Cacao Nibs and Vanilla Bean

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In true Martin House style, we’ve taken a silky smooth oatmeal blonde ale and added flavors usually found only in a dark beer.  There is no reason a blonde ale can’t be elevated to an alluring and enchanted treat.  Counter Clockwise Swirl  has chocolate and vanilla notes on top of a decadent oatmeal blonde body.  It’s a slightly sweet sipper sure to satisfy.  One-in-million, doc!

Adventure Pairing:

This March, skip the protein shake after shooting hoops (or filling out your March Madness bracket) with your buddies and go straight for the Counter Clockwise Swirl.  It probably won’t help much with recovery, but it will taste better and it’ll be more fun.  Don’t forget Jimmy’s training shoes though – the muscle has to grow… or die.


4 pack 12 oz cans

Here’s What People are Saying.

This beer is smooth. Great carbonation and balanced flavors of vanilla, cocoa and roasted malt. MH is the shit. TX independence day. Reppin!

Michael Harms

I still remember loving this beer on the one occasion I had it OVER A YEAR AGO. It’s that good. Rare, though. Drink wherever it’s served!

B Best

I can’t get enough of this beer!!!!


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