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Well we couldn’t make the beer Cookies without adding a little Cream. Cream is a rich cream ale brewed with milk sugar and vanilla bean. It’s a beautiful, slightly strong blonde that’s sure satisfy your beer sweet tooth.

You’ll find Cream in a mixed 4pack with the cookie dough stout – Cookies.  That’s right. Each 4pack contains two 12oz cans of Cookies and two 12oz cans of Cream. While each beer is delicious by itself, you can mix them both together for a truly unique flavor combination. Click here to find out more about Cookies.

Adventure Pairing:

Cream pairs wonderfully with your grandma’s cookies or even better, the beer Cookies. If you’re feeling crazy, you could even use it as a cream substitute in a Fort Worth White Russian. I just invented that. But most importantly, Cookies AND Cream pairs well with friends and family this holiday season.



December 2017
4-pack mix with Cookies

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