Dulce - 12.9%

Sherry Barrel-Aged Wheat Wine

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Dulce is the first sherry barrel-aged brew we’ve ever produced at Martin House. What’s even more special is that these sherry barrels are actually PX, Pedro Ximénez, barrels which originated in South of Spain.

As the sherry is very sweet and has certain raisin-like qualities, we decided a wheat wine (high abv beer with a large portion of wheat in the grain bill) would be the perfect style to age in these barrels.

After 4.5 months, the result is delicious brew with flavors of molasses and intense raisins. You get the sweet and seductive, almost toffee-like, flavors on the front end, while the sherry barrel adds a slight oaky burn on the backend.

We hope you enjoy this special treat as much as we enjoyed crafting it.


September 2019
Draft and 2-pack 12oz cans

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