El Chuco

El Chuco - 6.7%

Agave and Guava Sour Ale

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El Chuco (formerly known as La Cura) is a sour beer based on the old Aztec drink referred to as pulque. Pulque was created in Central Mexico and relied on the fermented sap of the maguey plant to create a tart, viscous, alcoholic beverage. Our interpretation contains agave nectar, with the addition of guava puree, which makes for a slightly sweet sour beer that is both flavorful and ultimately refreshing.

Adventure Pairing:

It’s no coincidence that El Chuco releases on the first week of March. The weather is always beautiful in the backyard here at the brewery and that means it’s time to break out the grill. El Chuco pairs well with any perfectly grilled burger. We recommend a sharp or funky cheese to compliment the sour notes in the brew.


March 2019
Draft and 6pack

Here’s What People are Saying.

Smooth delicious sour! Good anytime.

Abby F.

Enveloping agave & guava flavor. Calls to mind white wine with bursts of sourness. Another stellar MH concoction. 😎👍🏻.

Brad D.

Yikes I could drink like 10 of these.

David M.

Oops. How’d this happen? Lol can’t get enough of this beer.

Ryan B.

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