Erebus - 12.99%

Scotch Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with Coffee.

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Erebus, one of the primordial gods born from Chaos, was to the ancient Greeks the personification of darkness.  His dark mists were drawn across the sky by his consort Nyx every evening scattering the aether and bringing about night.  Erebus not only obscured the heavens but also penetrated down to the most nether region of Tartarus.  Drowning absolutely the ancient prison of the Titans in dread.  A fitting epithet for our 12.99% abv Scotch whiskey barrel aged Russian imperial stout with Ethiopian Harrar coffee.  This dry yet complex brew gently calls upon the enchanting night, but beware for what may lay in the darkness.


December 2018
Draft and 2-pack 12oz cans

Here’s What People are Saying.

Boozy, lots of coffee, rich and smooth. Tasty!

Dar B

Sheesh, Martin House! Great work and keep cranking these out.


Really tasty, good mouthfeel, boozy, coffee, chocolate.


Very dark and roasty, and the barrel-aged taste is icing on the cake!

Harrison Post

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