Martin House Hefeweizen

Martin House Hefeweizen


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Brewed with traditional German hefeweizen yeast, this 5.2% hef is a beautifully crafted beer that boasts flavors of bananas and cloves. For the malt bill, we used two-row and replaced the typical wheat grains with crystal oats. The end result is a full bodied hefeweizen that pours with a golden haze and gives out a bubblegum sweetness.

Adventure Pairing:

Just because it’s Fall, doesn’t mean summer is over. It’s always a beautiful day in Fort Worth, especially when you have a river right in your backyard. When you can’t resist shining up your stick and and water-shredding (stand up paddle boarding) the Trinity, the perfect refreshment for before, during and after the ride is the Martin House Hefeweizen.


Oct/Nov 2017
6pack cans

Here’s What People are Saying.

Damn. A really nice hefe. Martin House kills.

Ted C

Pours a beautiful hazy yellow. Great base notes of banana & clove. Full flavor with a heavy texture for a Hefe. Brewed with Crystal oats.

Michael H

Very cloudy, very smooth, exteremly delicious!


Full on banana and clove with a huge wheat base – canned 10/23 fresh -Martin House knows whats up as always -perfect beer to end a rough day.

Chris P

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