Hell Below

Hell Below

Strong Black Ale

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Stars Above and Hell Below were designed to taste delicious on their own. A great sour and a delicious strong black ale. In addition, there was also meant to be a unity between the two and an equal respect among flavors.  This unity is where the beers really shine. Combine equal parts Stars Above and Hell Below to create the ultimate beer creation dubbed Purgatory.  On your first sip you’ll notice the roasted malts in Hell Below and the fresh raspberries in Stars Above marry perfectly. It ends with a smooth, dark, and slightly tart finish.  Give it a try. You’ll find there is some middle ground between these such extreme styles of beer.  It’s bright. It’s dark. And it’s damn delicious.


Hell Below is a deceiving new brew that spawned from the depths of the dark mind of Head Brewer, Cody Martin. This strong black ale is brewed with black barley malts and Columbus hops. The malts gives it that pitch black appearance and a dark, ominous flavor.

Adventure Pairing:

Here at Martin House we set out to create beers that are not defined by boundaries. And in a sea of saturated rock music, the Toadies invented a sound all of their own. That’s what this beer is about. Hell Below is a beer for the heretics. Imbibe in this strong ale and let your stronger viewpoint be known.



June 2016 – until its Gone
4pack 12oz cans

Here’s What People are Saying.

Great malts. Somewhat fruity. Solid.

Paul Barnette

Really yummy!! Very smooth

Jon Beach

My favorite dark seasonal this summer so far. Just found out if you mix with Stars Above raspberry sour it’s called Purgatory. EPIC.

Tory Sage

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