Hell On Earth

Hell On Earth

Witherspoon Barrel Aged Hell Below

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Hell on Earth is a special, one time only release. The base of this beer is our strong black ale called Hell Below which was made with inspiration from our favorite rock band – The Toadies. If you’ve had Hell Below, you’ll remember it’s a dark, malty, and roasty beer. We took that beer and aged it in whiskey barrels for 6 months. When we took it out, the result was an even bigger and boozier creation we aptly dubbed Hell on Earth.

Adventure Pairing:

Once you take your first sip of Hell on Earth, there is no turning back. You will crave that second and third sip and the inevitable result can only be –  Rage. Proceed with caution and enjoy the complexities of this barrel aged black ale, Hell on Earth.


One-time only.
Released on December 13, 2016
Draft Only

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