Hibiscus Saison

Hibiscus Saison

Flower Infused Saison Ale

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This is a souped up version of our River House Saison. We’ve added Hibiscus petals for color and a tart, cranberry-like flavor. The higher ABV balances out the intense flavors and the dryness makes it especially refreshing.

Adventure Pairing:

The Hibiscus Saison was brewed to make everyday feel like a luau.  The tart tropical flavors will have you sporting your grass skirt and hibiscus lei after the first sip.  You will have mastered the kaholo shortly after your first pint.  Drink two and you’ll have the expertise to share a beautiful, amorous story through the art of hula.  


6 pack 12 oz cans

Here’s What People are Saying.

Wow. Aroma, color, pour, mouthfeel all are on point. A heartier saison than I predicted. Simply amazing, Nectar of the fruit and floral gods

John Skelton

Very very interesting flavor. A must try. And yes, it’s red.

Matt Greg

Totally Crushable!!!

Dave H

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