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About the Riverside Shootout Series

Every April we host our Annual home brewers competition called The Riverside Shootout and every November we release the winner’s recipe for all to taste.  We encourage Riverside Shootout entrants to exercise their creativity and show us something we hadn’t thought of before.  Instead of judging the beer based on style like most beer competitions, we judge every entrant as a best-of-show.  We summon the help of our fellow brewers, employees, friends, and family and choose the beer we like the best.  Each year, that beer becomes the Riverside Shootout beer.  It’ll be around for only one month and may never return.  Get it while you can.


Version 2 - 2015

Imperial Oak-Aged, Cranberry, Spiced Saison


Thirsty for Thanksgiving? So are we. Like that awkward uncle who always has one drink too many, Holidazed and Confused is bold, eccentric, and ignores all standards of decorum. We start with a crisp and spicy imperial saison, then add 420 pounds of cranberries and copious amounts of cinnamon and nutmeg. But to push the boundaries even more, we age this brew with medium toast american oak, resulting in a whopping 9% ABV that goes great with that second—or fifth—helping of pumpkin pie. All right, all right, all right.


Adventure Pairing:

Thanksgiving and football go together like malt and hops. Work off your turkey coma with a Holidazed and Confused in one hand and a pigskin in the other—or a remote control, for all you Cowboys fans out there.




Draft Only

Here’s What People are Saying.

This is a great saison with a slight sour ending from the cranberry. It’s unique, easy drink!

Amber Murphy

I like this a lot. A lighter holiday offering. A little sour and funky.

Juan Taco

Yummy yummy yummy it’s perfect for your tummy

Lisa Osborn

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