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Imperial Salty Lady

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If you’re a fan of sours, you’ve certainly enjoyed a favorite beer of ours, The Salty Lady. This summer we decided to kick things up a bit and create a bigger, boozier version: the Imperial Salty Lady. The ISL has everything you loved about the original but with a bit more alcohol – it clocks in at 9%abv. The Imperial Salty Lady is available June 2017 for a limited time on draft and in 4pack cans.


Adventure Pairing:

On October 14, 2012, Felix Baumgartner leapt from 24 miles above the earth in the first ever space jump. Perhaps the Imperial Salty Lady will give you the courage to step up to the high dive this summer and drop the flying squirrel (or better yet the can opener) on the unsuspecting pool goers.



June 2017

Draft & 4-pack 12oz cans


Here’s What People are Saying.

Salty Lady on steroids. Everything it should be, with no shortcomings. MHBC killed it. AGAIN. I’m not shocked by this. Cheers!

Matt H.

Cleared out DFW and brought them down to the coast. Sneakiest 9% all-time. Hell yeah.

Lucas L.

Wow! Yes! There Gose the Neighborhood!


Martin House knows how to do sours.

Vinnie B.

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