The Imperial Texan

The Imperial Texan


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This is a heavy-duty 9% abv red ale with a profusion of hop flavor and aroma.  This beer is as big and proud as Texas. Because we add almost two pounds of American hops per barrel very late in the beer making process, The Imperial Texan is able to retain a wondrously piney and resinous hop character that perfectly balances its smooth but strong and dry malt backbone.  This beer has a sticky presence that puts each sip perfectly on the tongue.

Adventure Pairing:

The Imperial Texan was brewed to enjoy around a fire with close friends while reminiscing over the day’s killer mountain bike ride.


Year Round
Draft and 6pack 12oz cans

Here’s What People are Saying.

“Martin House’s Imperial Texan, on the other hand, raised some eyebrows — in a great way. […]we were excited to try the brewery’s signature Imperial Texan, and it stopped us in our tracks. […] Rather than quickly moving onward to the next, we savored the Imperial Texan, impressed.”

Brentney Hamilton

“Looking at the Texan more closely, aromas center on the sharp scent of pine needles, tree sap and fresh herbal tones. It’s hop-forward and assertively bitter, with a moderate caramel maltiness forming the basis of its medium-full body. Some might like a little more heft in the latter, but go too far and it might start to have an American strong ale-type feel. Referring back to its title, calling this brew a Texan will elicit certain expectations, but this is a beer that appears to live up to its name. It’s big and brash, and is the latest in a string of local brews that exemplify the willingness of new brewers to come out of the gate swinging.”

Brian Brown

“The sensory experience is truly a hop-lover’s dream.[…]For now, know this: The Imperial Texan is eminently drinkable and enjoyable. I highly recommend it.[…]On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give Martin House Imperial Texan a 9.”

Colin Alsheimer

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