Imperial True Love

Imperial True Love

Imperial Raspberry Sour

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More raspberries. More alcohol. But most importantly…MORE LOVE. Imperial True Love is just that, a souped-up version of our beloved favorite, True Love raspberry sour. This version is bigger and badder in every way. We increased the grain bill to get the abv up to 8.2%abv and nearly doubled up on the raspberries. Fans of the original will not be disappointed.

Adventure Pairing:

Much like the original, Imperial True Love is still your best bet for a successful pool party. This time though, you don’t even have to find a buddy with a pool. We recommend hosting a B.Y.O.P.P. (bring your own pool party). Tell your friends to snag a plastic or inflatable pool from the store and head on over. They bring the ice. You bring the love. Everyone wins. Cheers!


July 2018
Draft and 4-pack 12oz cans

Here’s What People are Saying.

This was really good, I could drink this everyday.

The K.

Thanks to Alex M.’s new app Tavour! Sourest sour I’ve ever had.

Jamie Lee

Perfectly balanced.

Dawn M.

As I’ve mentioned before, the raspberry is the best berry; add that to one of my favorite beer styles and you better believe I’m trying it! Nice and sour and tart from the raspberries, quite delicious.

Nathan S.

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